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Obama Care: Comparison of the Pros and Cons to the Populace
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Obama Care: Comparison of the Pros and Cons to the Populace
Obama Care, AKA the Health Care and Education Affordability Reconciliation Act of 2010, reforms the health insurance industry and the American health care system as a whole. To the layman the information included in the over a thousand pages of legislature is very hard to decipher. I found myself searching for Obama care for dummies to try and make sense of the legal rhetoric. Once I got through it though the benefit and disadvantages are very clear. In this I will outline where we stand in America now, the benefits of Obama Care and finally, disadvantages so that you might be better able to ascertain how this will have an overall effect on the American Populace. Currently in America, greater than fifty percent of Americans have no health insurance, no access, and no regular source of preventative medical care. Due to this overwhelming lack of access to affordable healthcare many individuals delay treatment until it is potentially too late. When this happens often the family is left with an overwhelming debt to hospitals. The debt sometimes, more often than not, reaches levels such that a person with a $250,000.00 life insurance plan has their entire life insurance and more owed to the state. This leaves unjust burdens of survivors and often leads them to bankruptcy. As we all know the general trend is of a much worse prognosis. The loved one who expires has no life insurance, little to no assets and even less in equity. Over 60% of people who have filed for bankruptcy have done it as a result of medical debt. The unpaid debt when bankruptcies settle ends up being awarded to the tax payers. This is an unfortunate sequence of events the money not paid leads to decrease is workers, less pay per hour of employees and increased costs of services rendered. The sad phenomena is that the number of uninsured continue to rise (ObamaCare Facts: Dispelling the Myths 2013). Do the costs outweigh the benefits? That is what the pros and cons come down to.  The average American has a little bit to lose but a lot to gain overall. The upper-class and the upper middle-class, might notice more of a disadvantage than advantage when it comes to Obamacare. While some groups benefit more than others Americans, as a whole will benefit from the new rights and protections like guaranteed coverage of pre-existing conditions and the elimination of gender discrimination. Let’s outline some of the benefits first. Millions of uninsured people will have access to affordable health insurance through the marketplace. This lowers the amount of unpaid medical bills seen by Emergency and Express Care settings across the contry. More than half of those uninsured can get no cost or low cost health insurance using the State's Health Insurance Marketplace. State programs such as Medicaid and CHIP will expand their benefits to a greater amount os people in the community that need help. Before in some instances such as cancer if you got ill you were either dropped or your premiums increased to a level that most could not afford. ObamaCare will prohibit insurance companies from these actions. As with filling out of insurance applications perhaps you forgot to add that you were injured in a car accident at the age of 5 because you were so young you didn’t remember or that you had an illness. It used to stand that insurance companies could drop you without a second thought. This plan takes the power to do that away from them (ObamaCare Facts: Dispelling the Myths 2013). If you honestly forgot to put something you will not be dropped. Obamacare goes on to take away pre-existing conditions, meaning that you cannot be denied coverage no matter what your illness is. A lot of insurance companies thought it relevant to charge you more simply based on gender and women would pay a higher...

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