Topics: Writing, Graffiti, Poverty Pages: 2 (1088 words) Published: October 22, 2014

In today’s society, humans are quick to judge others based on what they believe. Communities tend to negatively view people who are different and do not fit into their own norms. All cultures have norms but they have differences that do not adapt with the dominant core culture in the United States. How we create the other is from our beliefs, values, and behaviors. If other people do not fit into a certain structure, we often have assumptions against them. Growing up in a particular neighborhood related with gang influences and doing graffiti is usually not accepted by many people. In Ruben Martinez’s essay “Going up in LA”, he shows the community of the graffiti artists and how they get discriminated for what they do. Graffiti artist Phoe describes writing as a community because it is a source of communication with other writers all over the city (Pg 104 ¶ 14 ). This community uses this form of art to express their feelings, thoughts, and messages in public. They compose their own culture together by having a passion for “bombing” around town with their meaningful pieces. Writers from the Eastside state that when they do graffiti they are being blame for vandalism but when whites do it is called art (Pg 106 ¶ 23 ). There is a distinction based on race and class which irritates most eastside writers. They do come from poor neighborhoods and low class families but that should not mean their way of art should be treated as a false conation. Though there many people that might not understand graffiti. In the eyes of the LAPD, they typically see graffiti as not art and illegal unlike approved city murals. Stuart Haines assumes there is only way to put an absolute stop on graffiti, “The real answer is to pass tougher laws to punish the graffiti artists who deface public property, along with the gang members who are identifying their turf” (Pg 109 ¶31, 34 ). Most officials and adults strongly disagree with the acts of graffiti. They are seeking for other...
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