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ASSIGNMENT II Term Paper: Policy Analysis Essay
Johnny Calloway
Stephen F. Austin State University

Providing healthcare to millions of Americans that cannot afford it is a plan that has finally come to fruition. In doing so, the theory behind President Obama’s Affordable Care Act (2010), infamously now known as Obama Care, accomplishes that goal. With healthcare as a major issue in the United States from the birthing of a child, care taking of elders to everyday occurring emergencies, having some sort of healthcare is vital.  According to the United States Census Bureau, in 2009 there were 48.6 million people in the US (15.7% of the population) who were without health insurance. (Wikipedia) Many or most were lower to middle class Americans or illegal immigrants that just could not afford it despite the fact that they would not be eligible due o their non-citizenship in the US. Yet, it is imperative to most while others may not be able to afford it, healthcare is a necessity and is anticipated to be affordable through this bill for everyone. Obama Care is based on the theory that by providing healthcare at an affordable rate, everyone will be able to attain some sort of health insurance benefits regardless of pre-existing conditions or sex. In most cases, when a person gets sick and has to go to the hospital, the government and tax payers pick up the tab. This can be very costly. The Affordable Care Act was specifically designed to offset those expenses by giving everyone the opportunity to have some form of health insurance. While most working class individuals do have jobs, they are not able to afford insurance from their employer therefore leading to the individual as well as family members going uninsured.

In the years to come, the ACA is set to improve individuals currently on Medicare by reducing insurance premiums as well as awarding companies in compliance with the bill, providing their employees with proper health insurance packages. Most of all, the plan will no longer allow insurance companies to deny individuals coverage due to past medical history or pre-existing conditions. Though the plan has a few benefits, it also has its own costs. Fortunately, they are somewhat off-set by taxing those individuals that earn more. Despite its concept and current implementation, the flipside holds its conspiracy theory and oppositions.

With the opposing party disliking its contents and procedures of the bill, the Obama Administration managed to surpass the naysayers in successfully getting it through Congress. The Affordable Care Act (Obama Care) is a United States Federal statue signed into law by President Barack Obama on March 23, 2010. (Wikipedia Affordable Care Act) The plan was to spread healthcare benefits abroad making it more of an even playing field so to speak, giving those Americans without health insurance, the opportunity to now afford it. The plan has its advantages and disadvantages. Some of the advantages include small businesses getting tax credits for purchasing insurance, closing the Medicare drug program, extending coverage for family offspring until the age of 26 and most of all no pre-existing conditions clause. (LA Times) After the age of 26, the individual is expected to attain his or her own insurance through the program. However, on the other hand there were a few disadvantages that arose as the rollout began. Higher insurance premiums for individuals and families, fines if you did not have insurance, major complications with the overall website (healthcare.gov) and most of all, the policy mandate just to name a few. Although the Republican Party strongly opposed the bill, a very thin margin of the public went either way with 37% in favor and 40% unfavorable. No comment from the remainder of the participants (27%) of the consensus. (Kaiser Family Foundation Poll 2013)

Favorable or not, the fact remains, the bill is in...
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