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Creative Media Production - Journalism
Unit 53: Radio Documentary Production
Treatment and First Draft of Script.
Wil McDermott
Date of Issue:
Submission Date:
Brief IV:

Assignment Title: You are to write a one-page treatment and a first draft of the script you hope to turn into a radio documentary. You must also include a report on the production of this work.

Learning Outcomes To Be Achieved:
Assessment Criteria
1.1. LO 2: Be able to develop scripts for radio documentaries for specific audiences. 1.2. LO 3: Be able to produce radio documentaries for specific audiences. 1.3. LO 4: Be able to reflect on own radio documentary

2.1 Develop imaginative ideas for a radio documentary for a specified audience

2.2 Present a proposal for a radio documentary for a specified audience working to a standard acceptable to an employer or client

3.1 Complete pre-production for a radio documentary for a specified audience working to a standard acceptable to an employer or client.

4.1 Critically evaluate own finished product against agreed criteria and make recommendations for improvements.

This is a one-page document that covers the following areas: 1. Programme: Describe the programme you want to make. What/who is it about. How long will it be? Is it part of a bigger programme or is it a stand-alone show? Can you compare it to something we’d know in terms of style? (2.1, 2.2) 2. Demographic: Who is going to listen to this show? What time slot do you think is appropriate? (2.2) 3. Technique: How are you going to execute this programme? Will you use sound effects/music? Are you going to use archive material as well as newly-recorded interviews? Will you have a narrator or will you just cut the interviewer out of the equation? (3.1) 4. Troubleshooting: What problems do you anticipate? How will you tackle them? (4.1)

The script should include times so you can keep track of the programme as it progresses on paper. (3.1) The sample I gave is adequate to base your layout on but you should feel free to modify it. (3.1)

Report (500 words or more).
This report should discuss any issues that you encountered during the development of your idea and how you overcame them. Highlight your research findings here, too. You should also reflect on the finished paperwork (treatment and script). Discuss what works and what doesn’t and suggest how you would improve upon this if you were to tackle the assignment again. (4.1)


My programme will be a 15 minute radio documentary called Hidden voices. It will give a tiny peek into the lives of two very diverse, young Irish women. I think the time will allow for each of my hidden voices to say enough to have an impact on an audience, but not so much that listeners will get bored as neither speaker is well known. My intention is that this would form part of a larger magazine programme, charting the lives of a group of women who only have the vague common denominator of sex, country of residence and age to demographically group them. This will be a presenter based show, me as the presenter, however, my hope is that my voice holds less resonance than theirs, this is their platform. I have conducted a pre interview with both my participants, and both are very keen to take part in this programme. Both ladies are well equipped to speak, but their stories are starkly different.

Target Demographic

I would hope that this programme will appeal to a wide range of listeners, but the main group would be 25 years upward, and I think predominantly female based. This will be an adult theme so after the watershed is its most likely time slot. It would not be suited to any of the ‘Late night chat show’ type programmes. RTE podcast a series called Documentaries on 1, these touch on may subjects and might be suitable for the...
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