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The Rainmaker
Dennis Kucinich once said, “Everyone should have health insurance? I say everyone should have health care. I'm not selling insurance.” I believe every individual should have health care insurance, where they are wealthy, or in poverty level. After watching the movie “Rainmaker”, I realized how health insurance could save a life. As for an insurance company like the Great Benefit, they must have not had a loved one who needed health coverage so desperately to try and save themselves from death. The Great Benefit was quite like a fraud company. They collect money from individuals and families who have applied and use the money on useless things, rather than trying to save a life. They would pay employees a large amount of money to resign and keep shut about how they insurance company works. Out of about 11,000 applicants, more than 9,000 were denied coverage, preventing Donnie Ray from getting a life-saving bone marrow transplant. In section U of the Great Benefit’s policy, they stated that they offer bone marrow transplants as it is one of their priorities. With this, I learned never to be involved in an insurance company that commits fraudulent actions. I learned to always be take my career seriously because if one mistake is made, I will pay a price that is more than how much I gained with the mistakes I made. I learned to report any inappropriate actions that I witness, even if I am an employee of the same company. Never write false statements, letters, or forge signatures. Never take confidential paper work home as there can be serious consequences. But especially, never collect a patient or applicant’s money especially when that is all they have to save themselves or their loved ones. The “Rainmaker” taught me that because an insurance company collected money from applicants without giving what they paid for, the company loses and eventually has to pay back what they collected, then an additional thousand, or even millions of dollars. Donny...
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