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Homeless Children in Moscow
The Article, "Empowered Victims: Moscow's Homeless Children", by F. Joseph Dresen makes me want to make a difference to help the extreme poverty in Moscow. There are as many as one hundred thousand homeless children just in the city alone. The economic situation in Russia is the main cause and primary obstacle to solving the problem of having an extreme amount of homeless children. At a young age these children were deserted by their parents and forced to provide and care for themselves, causing them not to trust adults. The homeless children typically turn to drugs and crime as a way to survive, which puts the child at risk for ending up in a Russian prison. After reading this article I am left with feelings of true despair and hopelessness.

The information given in this article is very distressing. Dresen gives disheartening details to the lives of these children. Kids are abandoned by their families and left to provide for themselves. In one part of the article, Dresen provides specific examples of how some children became homeless: One boy interviewed by Fujimura was told by his father that he was not allowed to spend the night at home if he did not return with a bottle of vodka…Another boy interviewed by Fujimura traveled to Moscow from Kyrgyzstan with his family. Along the way, the father deserted the family, his infant brother died en route, and his mother was sentenced to seven years in prison for assault. Now the boy is trapped in a Moscow shelter without status (Dresen). This part in particular makes me feel great pain for the children in Moscow. Some of these children have undergone so much neglect and abuse that they leave everything to escape and live on the streets, while other children are hopelessly deserted because the parents can no longer adequately provide for them. I am so blessed to have grown up in a loving, nurturing home. Still, at age eighteen, my parents are fully providing for all of my needs. I could...
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