Review of unemployed and working hard

Topics: Homelessness, Unemployment, Begging Pages: 2 (844 words) Published: February 13, 2014

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Critique of Unemployed and Working Hard
I chose the essay Unemployed and Working Hard by Simon Wyckoff. The essay describes a boy who watched his father live as a homeless man for many years. The boy describes how “hard working” his father really was. He proves the point that not all homeless people are “lazy bums”, like a lot of us believe. The essay described in detail the course of a day for the homeless man. It told how much thought he had to put in every action, and how he had to plan for the future. It described his typical day from beginning to end. Upon rising, the man would check his belongings to see if anything had been stolen. Then he would buy breakfast if he had money left from the previous day. If he did not have money to buy breakfast he would start looking in dumpsters for his meal. When he had some food in his belly, he would wait patiently for a used newspaper to job hunt. Then the homeless man would play music to earn money. The author gave several examples of how “hard working” his father was while being unemployed and homeless. He shows that not every homeless person is standing on a street corner waiting for a handout. The author’s father seemed to be too proud to beg for money. Instead, he found ways to be resourceful. He only spent money when he had to. He didn’t take advantage of shelters for the homeless, because he didn’t like the living conditions. He was concerned for his safety and well being. He knew when to relocate so that a property owner would not become suspicious of him. He rotated the sites where he would sleep. This was also to be protected from people that commit crimes against the homeless. The author gave examples throughout this essay of how busy his father was during a typical day. How he would ride his bicycle across town several times to find items he needed to survive. He gave examples of the perseverance his father had to have. It described how he would wait...
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