Rural Health in Usa

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The problems facing by Rural Americans in getting access to health care HCA 540
Philomena Nissy John Gaddam


This paper illustrates widely about the problems facing by rural Americans in getting access to the health care with reasons .It also explains the solution to the problem in order to make every one access to health care without any health disparities (htt1). People living in rural areas have many disadvantages in getting access to healthcare. Along with the access, there is a lack of quality, Unaffordability and inequity can be seen more in rural areas .Among rural Americans majority of the people are uninsured and the remaining people who are insured are under-insured. Most of the people living here are at high-risk in the health behavior, where the major proportion of people living here are with chronic conditions. The people living here mainly has the shortage of physicians especially there is a lack of primary care physicians. The people living here need to travel a distance in order to get treatment. People aged between 45 and 65 are found more in rural areas. The solution to these problems is discussed in the conclusion. These problems can be solved by conducting campaigns and educating the people. Universal access to everyone can reduce these problems. Government should give benefits and bonuses to the providers who are working in rural areas. Employers should have freedom to choose their own health insurance plans. Number of health care professionals and quality of service should be improved; these changes can bring a healthy community in rural areas.


Recent studies show that in total population of USA nearly 30 percent of the population is living in rural parts of the America. The people living here have little access to health care providers. In order to get access to health care they face many problems. Costs, demographic mal-distribution, socioeconomic barriers, communication and education barriers, lack of quality and inequities are some of the reasons to decrease the access. Low income of the people living in rural areas is making them uninsured. Lack of awareness is making less access and increasing illness in to chronic conditions. Lack of quality is decreasing efficiency. Shortage of health care providers is leading to lack of care coordination .Financial status of hospitals and rules for Medicaid and Medicare reimbursement rates by federal government impact on rural hospitals are also some of the main reasons which decreasing the access. Some of the main problems are discussed below in detail. The problems are 1. Large number of Uninsured people

2. Under-insurance
3. Chronic Diseases
4. High mortality
5. Inadequate delivery of public health services
6. Lack of health care Providers
7. Increased number of aging population living in rural area


The uninsured people are high in rural areas, Kaiser family foundation shows in 30 percent of rural population nearly 79 percent of the population are uninsured people. Surprisingly these uninsured people are majorly from working families. The reason behind this is though the family is capable of earning they are unable to afford for the health care as they are paid with less income. Low income people find difficulty in getting insured .Large number of Self-employed people and small firms are found in rural areas also find issues with the costs of the health care so most of them are uninsured . Among all ages of people living in rural area elder people living are more in number. It is found that nearly quarter population of elder people aged between 45 and 64 are uninsured. Apart from elder people the people of all ages who live here have no insurance for longer periods due to low wages. An article in center for rural affairs gives an estimate of uninsured people percentage. It says * Nearly 68 % of people uninsured come from families where there is at least one full-time...

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