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Topics: High school, Social psychology, Homelessness Pages: 3 (837 words) Published: January 24, 2014

Where Would I Put my Deaf Kid?

My teacher, Ms. Katie O’brien asked me if I had a deaf child, where would I placed him in the school system? Good question.

If I had a kid, I wouldn’t keep him at home like some parents would do.

I’d want him to have the best of both worlds hearing and deaf. If my child was severely deaf but can hear somewhat, I’d put him in a

mainstream school. From there I’d see how well he places in school. Does my child have an interest in learning new and exciting

things or would he/she be more interested in hanging out with their friends.

If he/she does excel in the academics, I’d keep my child in the mainstream school since they offer better education and my child would

be provided with interpreters and cart services that the education can provide. However, upon a certain age, proximately in his/her teen

years, my child would be allowed to either stay in a mainstream school or attend an all deaf school. I’d make sure my child know the

differences between mainstreamed and all deaf school and how it would affect his/her life. He/she would still learn ASL/SEE in school

and at home as well since I’m deaf. Sign language would be a big part of my child’s life and would be involved in the deaf

community. That part would never change whether he/she goes to a mainstream school or an all deaf school. I would be proud of my


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Advanced Social Psychology

I do a lot of volunteer work for my church such as I am on the committee for planning events, assisting with donation program for the homeless for food and clothes and the get together after the mass. At one particular event, I was asked to assist on the weekend with giving the homeless shelter for the night. I thought this would be interesting to meet the men and women who were down on their luck. I did not even I know that I would be witnessing a wide selection of social psychology...
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