Sicko Movie

Topics: Canada, Health insurance, Michael Moore Pages: 1 (287 words) Published: October 16, 2013

Political Science
Sicko Extra Credit
The movie we watched in class interested me and I learned a lot about health insurance in America. It surprised me to know that nearly 15 million people have no health insurance. Personally, I have never had a problem with health insurance so it surprised me to know that so many people have suffered and have had such tragic problems. A couple became bankrupt from co pay and deductibles and the man had heart attacks and the woman had cancer. Also, there is a man who has to keep working until the age of 70 because Medicare doesn’t cover the medicine that him and his wife need. It made me sad to see all these people in America suffer so much even if they had health insurance. Michael Moore started hearing out these people and decided to figure out if it was only in America where people have suffered from health insurance. In America, people can get rejected for any little reason the hospital can find even if they are small problems. The system is supposed to be fair, but to health insurance companies; it’s their money. In Canada a man named Brad lost five fingers and the hospital did not care if he had insurance or not. They just saw a man in pain and decided to help him. In Great Britain prescription drugs were only ten dollars. People thought it was funny when Michael asked if they ever had to pay for a stay in the hospital. The system in America all started with democracy and it is true that the British, Canadians, and French have higher taxes but we should be more accepting to people with no health insurance.
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