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Topics: Humanitarian aid, Donation, Accountable Fundraising Pages: 2 (557 words) Published: January 4, 2014
How to Help Homeless Children
While many countries prosper thanks to the advent of better technology and sound government policies, the rich-poor gap in the world has never been worse. Millions of people still live in abject poverty, defined as living under one dollar per day. Most of them cannot afford homes or any other form of shelters. To them, life may just end tomorrow. The worst part of all this is that many of them are children. When they grow up, their body needs nutrition and their mind education. However, both are extremely exorbitant to them. As a concerned global citizen, you may feel sympathetic towards them and there are actually many things you can do to ameliorate their horrible conditions. 1. Donate money.

As simple as it sounds, it is one of the most effective ways to help these homeless children. There are lots of charities accepting donations for homeless children. Make a list and do a little bit research on each of them. Find out what they do with all the donations and donate money to the one that you think is the most credible. Due to recent charity scandals, many people decide to avoid donating money to them. However, most charities are still trustworthy and you should not stop helping homeless children just because of one ill incident.

2. Build a relationship.

Donating money is one way to help but it is far from enough. In fact, what people who subsist on less than 1 dollar a day need the most is company and mental support. They know that life cannot be worse but they want to know that there is hope. To give them hope, your presence is paramount. You can take time to visit a charity and start building relationships with one or more of the kids there. You will be surprised how fast you can become their best buddy. If you are old enough, you may be eligible for adopting a homeless child. This is the nicest thing to do but do not do it on impulse because it may end up hurting both you and the child if you regret your decision...
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