Singapore Airline Pest Analysis

Topics: Financial statements, Income statement, Cash flow Pages: 5 (1388 words) Published: January 13, 2013

The financial statements are very useful to all this group of user. Explain each of them;

Financial statement
A financial statement (or financial report) is a formal record of the financial activities of a business, person, or other entity. In British English including United Kingdom company law a financial statement is often referred to as an account, although the term financial statement is also used, particularly by accountants. For a business enterprise, all the relevant financial information, presented in a structured manner and in a form easy to understand, are called the financial statements. They typically include four basic financial statements, accompanied by a management discussion and analysis: 1.Statement of Financial Position: also referred to as a balance sheet, reports on a company's assets, liabilities, and ownership equity at a given point in time. 2.Statement of Comprehensive Income: also referred to as Profit and Loss statement (or a "P&L"), reports on a company's income, expenses, and profits over a period of time. A Profit & Loss statement provides information on the operation of the enterprise. These include sale and the various expenses incurred during the processing state. 3.Statement of Changes in Equity: explains the changes of the company's equity throughout the reporting period 4.Statement of cash flows: reports on a company's cash flow activities, particularly its operating, investing and financing activities. For large corporations, these statements are often complex and may include an extensive set of notes to the financial statements and explanation of financial policies and management discussion and analysis. The notes typically describe each item on the balance sheet, income statement and cash flow statement in further detail. Notes to financial statements are considered an integral part of the financial statements.

Investors are an individual who commits money to investment products with the expectation of financial return. Generally, the primary concern of an investor is to minimize risk while maximizing return, as opposed to a speculator, who is willing to accept a higher level of risk in the hopes of collecting higher-than-average profits. The types of investments include equity, debt securities, real, currency, commodity, derivatives such as put and call options, etc. This definition makes no distinction between those in the primary and secondary markets. That is, someone who provides a business with capital and someone who buys a stock are both investors. Since those in the secondary market are considered investors, speculators are also investors.

An employee is an individual who was hired by an employer to do a specific job. The employee is hired by the employer after an application and interview process results in his or her selection as an employee.

An employee generally includes any individual who performs services if the relationship between the individual and the person for whom the services are performed is the legal relationship of employer and employee. This includes an individual who receives a supplemental unemployment pay benefit that is treated as wages.

No distinction is made between classes of employees. Superintendents, managers, and other supervisory personnel are employees. Generally, an officer of a corporation is an employee, but a director acting in this capacity is not. An officer who does not perform any services, or only minor services, and neither receives nor is entitled to receive any pay is not considered an employee.

A lender is any institution or individual who loans borrower money. There are a number of types of lending organizations, including educational lenders, commercial lenders, hard moneylenders, lenders of last resort, and mutual organizations. The most traditional type of lender is a commercial lender. Often a commercial lender is a...

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