Skills and Learning Statement

Topics: Ratio, Financial ratio, Strategic management Pages: 8 (2016 words) Published: November 20, 2012

Skills and Learning Statement


Topic 8: An analysis and evaluation of the business and financial performance of an organization over a three years period

Being a Research and Analysis Project submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements of:

BSc (Hons) in Applied Accounting Oxford Brookes University


Name: Tao De
ACCA Registration Number: 2171332
Submission Date: 24th May 2012

Words Count: 1881

Table of Contents

Lessons Learned From Meetings With Project Mentor3

Extent to Which Research Questions Have Been Answered5

Demonstration of Interpersonal and Communication Skills During Project Work7

Benefits Of Undertaking The RAP In Accountancy Studies and/or Current Employment Role8

Copy of Presentation Slides9

Lessons Learned From Meetings With Project Mentor

During the project, I meet with my project mentor, Sonny Chan, for three times. In the three meetings with him, he gave me general guidance over my project progress, pointed out problems that I had made and took enquiries from me.

First Meeting

In the first meeting, I came up with an idea of writing topic 8, and my mentor supported my idea. He gave me suggestions that potential problems that I may come up with, e.g. ratio explanation; and suggest me to review F7 (Financial Reporting) first to quickly pick up knowledge that I might forgotten, e.g. ratio analysis.

After deciding the topic, I gave my mentor a list of companies that I want to analyze. The companies I selected are mainly operating in real estate industry, e.g. Frasers Centrepoint Trust, CapitaLand Commercial Trust and Suntec Real Estate Trust. Mr. Chan suggested that I need to choose a company that can make comparison, which means they have to have same year ending, similar operating area and both in form of trust. Only in this way, the ratios that have been calculated are meaningful and can be compared between two companies.

From the first meeting, I learnt that a good targeted company and a good comparable company selection is critical for a report. And also after the first meeting, I went through all the financial ratios, which helped me refresh my memory of what I have learnt during the F7 study.

Second Meeting

In the second meeting, I had finished main parts (financial analysis and business analysis) in my RAP project. After reviewed those analysis, my mentor pointed out that my explanation of ratios are not sufficient, and he shows me with examples as what is a sufficient explanation of ratio. He also suggests that I should have a segmental analysis regarding to Suntec REIT’ revenue. Besides these, he thought I needed to improve my references, which can make the analysis more convincing and have academic support.

The second meeting is very meaningful indeed. It helps me improved my research report and taught me to think “deep”. For example, further explanation of ratios according to case helps my financial analysis much more meaningful. And it also helps me to know how to apply what I learnt in F7 study.

Third Meeting

The third meeting is relatively smooth; and my mentor’s main focus is on the format and presentation of my RAP projects. He pointed out certain wrong format of my references and inappropriate presentations, e.g. paper size, font size and line spacing.

When the analysis report is about to finish, I was asked to prepare a presentation to my mentor and other students. After the presentation my mentor thought that I should improve my tone of speech to make it more convincing and encouraged me by saying that the RAP project is well prepared and he is very satisfied with my work.

The third meeting with my mentor helps me to finalize my research report by adjusting things like font size and reference list. It let me know how to produce a standard and formal report, which will definitely be useful in...
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