Social Lives

Topics: Unemployment, Sociology, Homelessness Pages: 2 (625 words) Published: May 28, 2013

Throughout the 21st century, people often feel trapped within life’s obstacles. Many humans often pursue the notions of isolation and self helplessness. Many Issues caused by the influences of societies, the individual within it will not be able to psychologically overcome these problems. It is suggested that these types of issues can be a result of the personal troubles within mankind. This is seen through issues such as unemployment, which can ultimately lead in to other personal troubles, for instance homelessness and disillusions of marriages.

People are directly aware of the life they chase, which is evident through practicing a religion, obtaining a job, or raising a family. However, it is suggested that higher the alert people are, even if it is unclear of their life goals, and the vast evidence of threats which arise beyond their surroundings, the greater troubled the individual becomes. According to Mills (1959), the philosophy of liberation from being trapped is proposed through the ‘Social Imagination’. This concept refers to the ability that will help develop an understanding of the correlations between historical traditions, along with the comprehensions of social influences that a society may have on mankind. To understand the idea of ‘Imagination’ we must see the correlations between the individual’s personal troubles, and their society’s public issues.

Mills clearly stated how a personal trouble such as the loss of a job can become a public issue within a society. For example if one person became jobless, it is nothing but a personal individual issue. However, if thousands of people become unemployed, the issue developed into public, as it affects the society in which they live in. Public issues within today’s Australian society suggest that 660,000 people are listed as unemployed as of 2013. (Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2013)

The same goes for homelessness. People can become homeless for a vast of personal reasons. For...

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