Street People

Topics: The Streets, Example, Finance Pages: 2 (552 words) Published: August 3, 2007
It is something that everyone has feared at least once in his/her lives. Loosing most all your material possessions, the constant anxiety of not knowing when or how your next meal will be attained, and enslavement to Mother Nature’s worst conditions. Having to become a street person is a very scary thought. The threat that anyone can be homeless and stuck out on the streets, however, is very real. Most people are only but one paycheck away from this dilemma. For those already enduring this life, a solution to the problem is much needed. In order to fix this problem and successfully integrate the homeless into our society, we must create a program with an organized system of financing, housing and intervention for these people.

In today’s world, no business, person or program can actively function or survive without adequate funding. Money has everything to do with a person’s “quality of life”. With the proper financial resources there would be no limit to the possibilities of success. Paying for housing and intervention for the homeless would significantly reduce the number of repeat incidents. Giving large sums of money while strictly monitoring, educating, and directing their spending is essential. Continuously funding a program that implements and perfects these strategies will eventually ensure that any sane and functioning individual will never have to live on the streets.

Without a home, the course to getting back on your feet is nearly an impossible feat to accomplish. The hardest part of making it off the streets is enduring this process. It can not be done without a place to properly clean, eat and rest in. With the proper funding, a massive housing development tailored specifically to the homeless, would instantly take the majority, if not all, of street people off the streets and into homes. This would give them stability, enabling them to find jobs and save money. Those incapable of stabilizing would simply have to be...
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