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This paper summarizes a Math article from a Journal. The author summarizes the article, describes how the strategies in the article can be used in the classroom as well as a personal reflection.

Mathematics is often viewed as a non-cultural subject. However, there are many ways that a mathematics teacher can make mathematics more inclusive and inviting for all students. The article, “Multicultural Mathematics: A More Inclusive Mathematics” is an article that describes methods and strategies to assist teachers in making Math more inclusive to appeal to all students. Strutchens believes that in the classroom, until recently there have not been many links to students' culture. “This may be one of the major barriers to achievement of many groups historically underrepresented in mathematics, for these students may see mathematics as a subject that has very little meaning or value for their current or future lives” (Struchens, 1995). In the article, Struchens describes Banks’ five dimensions of multicultural education which can be used to make mathematics more culturally inclusive. The five dimensions include: content integration, knowledge construction, prejudice reduction, equitable pedagogy, and empowering school culture and social culture. There are various ways of incorporating Banks’ five dimensions into teaching Mathematics. One way of incorporating content knowledge into teaching Math according to Strutchens, is to teach students about Benjamin Banneker, an African American self-taught mathematician. After discussing Banneker’s background student can “have fun solving some of the puzzles he created” (1995). Knowledge construction is the second dimension and can be incorporated into teaching Math by allowing students to build and construct knowledge for themselves. This construction can evolve by the teacher “help[ing] students see that mathematics is derived from real-life situations by exposing them to ethnomathematics” (Strutchens, 1995)....

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Strutchens, M. (1995). Multicultural mathematics: A more inclusive mathematics. ERIC Digest,
ED380295. Retrieved from http://www.ericdigests.org/1996-1/more.htm
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