The Canon Debate

Topics: Education, United States, Culture Pages: 1 (302 words) Published: September 20, 2011
Part I: Bibliographic Data: The introduction should state the name and author of the article, the date of publication, and the name of the professional journal in which the article appears. Part II: Content of Summary: The summary of the content of the article should highlight the material in the article that you feel is most significant for educators who are involved with urban and diverse learners.

The article “The Canon Debate, Knowledge, Construction, and Multicultural Education” by James A. Banks Presents a typology that details five types of knowledge and contends that each type should be part of the school, college and university curriculum. Dr. Banks first describes a national debate that has is taking place concerning what knowledge should be taught in schools and universities curriculum. There are three groups of scholars that are participating in the debate, the Western traditionalist, the Multiculturalists, and the Afrocentrists. Each groups share a number of important assumption and beliefs about the nature of diversity in the United States and about the role of educational institutions in a pluralistic society. The Western Traditionalist created the National Association of Scholars to protect what they believe is an attack on Western history, literature, and culture. They contend that the emergence of feminist, ethnic minority scholars and other multiculturalists are threatening the dominance of Western civilization in curricula. point of view. They believe that western

Part III: Writer’s Reaction: Explain why you think the content of the article is of popular value to educators who are involved with diverse population of students. Part IV: Implications: Provide at least three examples of how the articles relates to the content of the course, and provide support of selecting these examples. The examples should include a citation of the appropriate references. Each example should represent a separate reference....
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