The Human Experience

Topics: Homelessness, Film, Life Pages: 2 (799 words) Published: May 13, 2011
Phillip Burgess
Tiffany Mcafee
English 105
The Human Experience

"The Human Experience" is a spellbinding, real and fascinating movie. This movie is one of the best documentary films of the 21st century. It totally touches on every feeling that a human can possibly feel. From the saddest to the happiness of total euphoria. This movie is a spiritual and uplifting masterpiece seen through many different eyes. It's explained and expressed by all walks of life everyone from clergy, the homeless, the rich, deceased, edcuated, and even from different origins and cultures of the world. "The Human Experience" is a truly magnificent experience. I would recommend this movie to anyone that wants togain knowledge of how important family is. I would never get tired of watching this documentary.

This film is about 4 teenagers who come from less fortunate backrounds. Their parents were not there for them nor did they have the family that they have always dreamed of, all they have is each other. Well to begin with I must say the guys who starred in the film did a great job performing because they were real people, living real experiences with disturbing realities based on the sole truth of the situation. As our journey begins the guys decide to find out what living on the streets and eating out of the trash as well as begging for food is like. They also learn just how cold it is when that warm sun goes down and that ice cold moon checks in for the might. What exactlyis it like to sleep on the streets in a cardboard box freezing to death because it's only 20` outside and you have no where to go? We wouldn't know, but this is one challengethat these guys faced with no money in their pocket and only the clothes on their back they managed to stand up to the dark, lonely, depressing and cold city streets of the Bronx armed only with faith and driven by the nature of living the experience of being homeless.

As we continue to move forward on our journey...
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