The Role of Charity Organizations in Helping the Homeless

Topics: Begging, Homelessness, Poverty Pages: 4 (1493 words) Published: February 28, 2014
Homelessness Studies show that homeless people easily spend their money because there is no way for them to save the money. Based on my research, beggars can get $600-$1500 a month. That is a lot of money. Furthermore, six out of ten homeless people have a problem with alcohol and drugs. Being addicted to alcohol means they consume it every day. They buy alcohol every day, which means that they don’t spend their money wisely. So, why do we keep giving them money if they use it for something that only makes their condition worse? In this situation, the best option might be to donate your money through charity organizations to help homeless people.

has become a serious problem in our society. In my community, I usually see more than 10 beggars on curbs everyday. Not only are they trying to get money by begging from people but also they are sleeping on the street. When I see homeless people on the street from my car, I usually give them money in hopes that they can use my money to buy food and drink. After a year has passed, I still see the same people beg on the street, but this time they have a ciggare and alcohol in their hand. Why don’t I see any difference in their life? I think their life should be getting better because I always give them money and I believe they get money from other people too because they are able to buy cigaretes and alcohols. I really want to help them through this hard life and based on my experience the best solution to decrease homelessness is not giving them money but donating your money through charitable institutions.

Charitable non-profit organizations are groups organized for public service purposes. Their goals are to eliminate hunger and homelessness in community. Charitable organizations provide food, clothes and shelters. Moreover, many philanthropic organizations help homeless peoples from struggle on poverty through job training. So that they have a chance to make their life better financialy. Also, they...
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