Titanic and James Cameron

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Persuasive Essay

The 1997 film Titanic became the highest grossing film in history and remained so for 12 years, the film generated an international gross of $1, 843, 201, 268 worldwide. Throughout James Cameron’s film career Titanic was his best movie ever made. This is factual because James Cameron included actual history to recreate the experience of living history, his years of hard work dedicated to the film, and due to his amazing critic reviews and money made world wide.

To begin, James Cameron used actual history to create an emotional truth to the film. James Cameron already had a huge fascination with shipwrecks, specifically the RMS Titanic; Cameron insisted the crew shoot at the real wreck in the Atlantic Ocean. In 1995 they went on eleven dives; they spent more time with the ship at the bottom of the Ocean than with the passengers. Even though the dives were high risk, and through adverse conditions Cameron never gave up to get the perfect footage of the ship. Once he began writing the screenplay he spent 6 long months researching all of the Titanic’s crew and the passengers because he wanted to honour the memory of the people who died during the sinking. Cameron wanted to recreate the event as accurately as possible based on facts. A few of the main historical characters in the remake of Titanic: Kathy Bates portrayed as Molly Brown; known as “the unsinkable Molly Brown”, and Victor Garber portrayed as Thomas Andrews; the ships builder a very kind pleasant man who is modest of his achievement. When the screenplay was finished Cameron had historical experts to analyze what he wrote, and he’d adjusted the screen play to perfection. For the reconstruction of the RMS Titanic, blue prints were provided by the original ship’s builder and Cameron tried his hardest to make the ship just as detailed and accurate as possible. The sets interior rooms were reconstructed exactly like the original along with the costumes and furniture, Cameron became...
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