TMA02 Part1

Topics: Homelessness, Milton Keynes, Poverty Pages: 3 (895 words) Published: January 6, 2015
Drawing on what you have learned from the DD102 module materials and your work on TMA01, outline some inequalities and differences on a street you know. In this essay I will use Fishergate in Preston City to discuss inequalities and differences. Inequality refers to the unequal opportunities that individuals face in society whilst differences define society in terms of personality, race, age, gender, class, ethnicity and sexuality. Fishergate is a very busy street in the centre of Preston City which has many shops, cafes, banks, pubs, offices and three shopping centres. It is used by a variety of people of all ages, races and abilities. There are a few homeless people on the street during the day and it is used by lots of workers and shoppers. There is a busy bus route with a train station at one end and a prison at the other end. Some of the businesses have closed down and reopened as the same type of business or as something completely different which is due to economic change in society. Society is made and remade by the material that is often hidden such as electricity, cables, sewers and water pipes. Blakeley and Staples (2014, p. 22). All of which are needed to keep the street running along with the shoppers and workers. Through the module materials I have learnt that, inequalities are often about people’s lack of choices in society due to mobility issues, race, wealth and sexuality. People on Fishergate have all different types of choices although not all of them have the same choices. A homeless person does not have the same choices as a person who works or uses the street to shop. A homeless person does not have a choice where to eat and what to eat, where as wealthier people can choose where to eat and what they want. The homeless people do not feel as though they belong there and will only stay on the street during the day, there is a shelter further down the street where they can go for food in evening, although they are not given a choice of what...
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