Trash Free School Essay

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Let's work together to keep our school free of trash

Your helping hands can visibly improve our schools environment. Exposed trash in the parking lots and throughout the campus grounds is overwhelming our maintenance staff. Our committee's mission is to inspire a trend for a trash free school; but we will need the cooperative efforts from all faculty and students to accomplish this goal. Your help to pick up and reduce trash will keep our school looking new and show a sense of pride of ownership. Your participation will also ensure the comfort and tranquility of our schools park-like environment. Our campus has lush rolling hills. Grand fragrant shady pines and towering Italian cypress. Our class rooms are guarded by statuesque pure white columns and this is all gated by intricate leaf and vine white iron fencing. As proud students we have a duty to preserve the campus for generations of students to enjoy. As those before, did for us. A cleaner school is a safer school. By picking up trash we discourage loitering by homeless and vagrants who are drawn to litter for food or recyclables. The absence of these undesirables also reduces crime. Trash and debris can aslo create the perfect environment for increased rodent,insect and flying pest.Including birds, stray dogs and feral cats.These animals leave droppings that contribute to foul odors but they also discolor paint finishes on buildings and parked cars.With your help we can avoid theses problems and keep our campus clean and trash free. Some people may not believe a clean school is possible but with our combined efforts we can make a difference. We can improve our learning environment while maintaining our beautiful clean campus and our reputation in the community. So lets work together to keep our school free of trash.
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