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U.S. Dept. of Labor Case Study
Bobby Jones
HRM 533
December 2, 2012
Career One Stop is an online tool sponsored by the U.S. Department of Labor. This online tool can be utilized as a pathway to success. This tool gives useful information via online to help job seekers, students, businesses and career professionals. Some tools that can be utilized per the website are Wages and Salaries, Unemployment Insurance Information, Pay for Education and Training and Benefits. This site is truly a One Stop Center because it has information for everyone the employee, the job seeker and the company (Career One Stop ). Keywords: Tool, job seekers, businesses pathway

Describe the major features of this website and how each can be used to monitor employee benefits.
Three of the major features of the Dept. of Labor website are Cobra Continuation, Compliance Assistance and Employee Retirement Security Act (ERSA).
Cobra Continuation is a form of health care offered by the U.S. government to employees who experienced involuntary termination. Cobra offer premium reduction rates for those individuals who experienced involuntary termination on or before May 31, 2012. These premium reductions are not available for those who experienced involuntary termination after May 31, 2010 because this eligibility period has passed. Those who believe that they may be eligible for the premium reduction can contact The Department’s Employee Benefits Security Administration at or by calling 1-866-444-3272 (Cobra Continuation ).

The department of Labor is a very resourceful site in comparison to Cobra. Per the U.S. Dept. of Labor website under Cobra Continuation Health Coverage the Frequently Asked Question is an good tool that employees can use as a reference guide to monitor their benefits. The site list questions as well as answers on how to monitor Cobra’s Health Benefits.

The following are examples listed on website of how the employees can monitor their Cobra benefits. The Frequently Asked Questions via online is a tool that can assist employees with monitoring and answering some basic questions such as: Q1. Who is entitled to benefits under Cobra? Cobra uses three qualifying criteria in order to establish who is entitling to Cobra Benefits. These criteria are plans, qualified beneficiaries and qualifying events. a. Plans coverage states Cobra cover employees with 20 or more employees or more than 50 percent of a normal business day in the prior calendar year are subject to Cobra. Both full and part-time employees are determining factors on whether a plan is subject to Cobra. b. Qualifying beneficiary states that on or before a qualifying event happens the employee, employee spouses or employee dependent child is covered. c. Qualifying event via online let the employee monitor and determine what a qualifying event is considered. The information online states that this is an event that causes an individual to lose coverage. The type of lost coverage is the determining factor of who the qualifying beneficiaries are and the amount of time that a plan must be offer for health coverage (Frequently Asked Questions Cobra Continuation Health Coverage). Also another Frequently Asked Question when it comes to Cobra Benefits that many employees ask if I don’t make my premium on time and my coverage is canceled what can I do? The site tells you who to contact and how. As stated, you can contact your plan and ask them to reinstate your coverage or for additional assistance employees can contact EBSA Benefits, Advisors at 1.866.444.3272 (Frequently Asked Questions Cobra Continuation Health Coverage).

Also another FAQ asked by many Cobra electives have is can they receive Cobra benefits while on FMLA leave. This information can be accessed online through Department of Labor website; the FAQ’s gives the person the definition of the FMLA Act passed as well as further information on who to contact and what...

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