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Verka is Co-Operative Company and is former oriented autonomous or organization based on Co-Operative pattern. It is the king of Punjab Region as far as Milk Procurement is concerned. Its daily Milk production is around 2.00 lacs liters per day on an average and that is why huge amount of Milk production has become its core competency. It produces many daily products.

"MILKFED" is a group of Milk Union established under operation flood program as the implementing agency by the government of Ropar and metropolis Chandigarh. The Ropar district co-operative milk produces union was established in the year of 1980.

The main objectives for its establishment were:
1. To create an organized factor to develop and command a major share of urban milk market of Chandigarh. 2. To provide year around remuneration price to the small rural Milk producers organized into co-operative. 3. To provide quality milk and milk produces to the consumers. 4. The milk plant carries out activities conductive to the economic development to agriculturist by organizing effective production, process and marketing of commodities. The milk plant has installed capacity of process 1,00,000 litres of milk per day and it is registered handling capacity of 2,00,000 liters by the year 2008-09. The milk plant is managed by qualified professionals in the dairy field. The production facility are backed up by quality assurance, marketing training, financial management, data processing and other required services, providing a vibrant work environment to its personnel in pursuit of excellence. The milk plant is committed to supply quality and safe milk and milk products to its esteem customers at the right time. The milk plant has introduced ISO 9001:2000. Management system and Indian standard of hazard analysis and critical points (HACCP)/IS: 15000-1998 to ensure highest quality products with built in safety to consumers. Recently, the Verka Milk Plant Mohali of Milkfed Punjab have bagged prestigious National Productivity Council Award at National level Competition in the field of dairy processing industries conducted by National Productivity Council of India, New Delhi.


The company has been well known by its brand name "VERKA" especially In Punjab and Haryana. Chandigarh Milk Plant was set up in year 1961-1962 to meet the milk initially. But it was not able to fulfill the growing requirements of Chandigarh City. Due to this reason another plant set up in September 1980 at Mohali (Punjab), which is adjoining to Chandigarh.


"The Ropar Distt. Co-op Producer Union"
It is one of the "MILKFED" group located at S.A.S Nagar, Mohali (Punjab). It is registered on 05.07.1978 under Punjab Co­operative Societies Act, 1961. It started its activities on September 1980.


Presently it has 856 Societies and around 46000 members are supplying milk and making their contribution to the Mohali (Punjab) Plant as follows:- 1. In Ropar District 520 Village Societies.

2. In S.A.S Nagar, Mohali 164 Societies.
3. In Fatehgarh District 109 Societies.
4. In Patiala District 60 Societies.
5. In UT 3 Societies.

In Ropar District three chilling centers are situated namely Morinda,...

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