Wendy and Lucy

Topics: Grocery store, French Revolution, Left-wing politics Pages: 2 (755 words) Published: December 27, 2012
1st of April, 2012
Wendy and Lucy; A look at the grocery store scene
The devastating movie of Wendy and Lucy tells a story of a determined homeless girl and her dog Lucy who happens to be her only friend. Wendy who is played by Michelle Williams has her heart set on traveling to Alaska with hopes for a better life. The film shows her many struggles she goes through to try and achieve her dream.

There are many tragedies throughout the film that Wendy encounters. She makes it to Oregon where the film takes place. Wendy’s first problem occurs when her only form of transportation breaks down, and as a result she is left hopeless making difficult decisions left and right.

Wendy is on a very tight budget that does not allow her to buy anything extra only gas, and when she is faced with the burden of Lucy running out of dog food she has to find a way to feed her without taking money from her very short budget.

There are a few ways Wendy could have went about providing Lucy with dog food, and one being to just pay the few dollars for the food although she did not have the extra money. Another way Wendy could have provided the dog food was to ask for help from a church, or the local dog pound even though she was not familiar with the new town. There could have been other ways of buying the dog food, but Wendy did it the only ways she could think of which meant she was going to steal the food.

As Wendy was leaving the grocery store a young man grabbed her arm jerking her around in the wrong way. The young man was a bagger named Andy. Andy brought Wendy straight to the manager’s office where he then convinced the manager Wendy deserved to be punished just as any other shoplifter should, and on the other hand the manager seemed to feel bad for Wendy, and he seen she did not have much money for food. In conclusion Andy talked the manager into calling the police and therefor Wendy was arrested and then was forced to pay fifty...
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