What Factors Contributed to the Growth of Homelessness in the 1980¡¦S and 90¡¦S?

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What factors contributed to the growth of homelessness in the 1980¡¦s and 90¡¦s?

This essay explores the different reasons as to why someone may become homeless. Poverty plays an important part in being homeless. According to The Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia ¡§homelessness is the condition of not having a permanent place to live, widely perceive as a societal problem only beginning in the 1980s.¡¨

A person can become homeless for a number of reasons, there are also a lot of different types of groups who are affected by becoming homeless. The first group of people who are most likely to be affected by being homeless are immigrants because they may not know the language and they also do not know any one in this country and it is very hard for them to get some money and somewhere to live so they end up sleeping rough.

Another group that is most likely to be affected by being homeless are people who have just been released from a long prison sentence or have been discharged from a psychiatric hospital. As a result of being in prison or hospital for so long there house and jobs have been taken away from them so they do not have any money on them so they can get temporary accommodation or even family or friends who can help them out.

The causes that are listed above are social factors and the main cause of someone being homeless is that parents, friends or relatives are not able to offer them with anywhere to stay. In 1981-1984 45.9% Scottish people said that the main reason of someone becoming homeless is when you family and friend are not able to help you out with accommodation. Another reason for the increase in homelessness in the 1980¡¦s and 90¡¦s was that family disputes and domestic violence had increased.

When people think of being homeless they mainly associate it with someone who does not have a house to stay in but that is not all what being homeless is being homeless also means having no money, no income coming in and no job.


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