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Health is important to each and every one of us. Everyone needs to be healthy and not only physically but also mentally and psychologically. The health of any given individuals will determine how he or she functions. The purpose of this writing is to inform people on the importance of their health. As it is usually said, “health is wealth, “so each and everyone has the right and responsibility to a healthy life style. However, to have a healthy life and remain will be almost impossible without healthcare, which may be provided by but not limited to hospitals, institutions, nurses, doctors, dentists, government agencies, and voluntary agencies. According to (craven & Hirnle 2009), health care in the united states has changed throughout the years and due to shorter hospitals stays and advanced technology, the population requires healthcare has increased. It is ones right and responsibility to have healthcare. The focus is on how, where, and by whom should healthcare be provided. (ANA 2007). Even though this is a pertinent issue, most consumers are often faced with cultural and social factors while healthcare providers on the other hand face some cultural and ethical issues as to what to do in particular circumstances.

Health can be defined in so many ways. As defined by Craven and Hirnle, Health may be state of well-being and optimal functioning. It is also defined as interactive process between the person and the internal and external environment. (p.1415). As defined by the Mosby’s Medical, nursing, &Allied Health Dictionary (6th Ed, p.783), Health is a condition of physical, social, and mental wellbeing and the absence of diseases. The Merriam-Webster’s dictionary and thesaurus (p.497) define health as sound physical or mental condition. Literature review

According to Lorian et al (2011, p 318), health is really important and they discuss various ways to...
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