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Cracking WEP/WPA/WPA2/WPS using Fern-Wifi-Cracker

This tutorial is for educational purposes only. Do not use this to harm or damage other’s computer.

Tested only with Backtrack 5 r3.

Requirements :
• Backtrack 5 r3 LiveCD or ISO - (download here)

Update: Ito po yung ginamit kong backtrack

• VMware (I used Oracle VM VirtualBox)
• Wireless Network Adapter (I used RT73USB Wireless Network Adapter)

In this tutorial, I already have Backtrack 5r3 installed in VMware/VirtualBox. So I will assume that you have done that too or you can just boot using LiveCD. Make a little research if you don’t know how to install Backtrack into VMware/VirtualBox.

This method is just a simplified version of the most popular cracking tools like aircrack-ng and reaver. Frequently asked questions

Q: Is My Wireless Card Compatible?
A: For working and compatible list of network adapters, visit http://www.aircrack-ng.org/doku.php?id=compatible_cards

Q: Pwede po sa WPA/WPA2 with or without WPS ?
A: Yes... pwedeng pwede po... yung example ko po dyan sa screenshots is WPA2 w/out WPS... It is my own wifi using B200W modem.
Ok, Let’s start…

1. Open fern-wifi-cracker.
Click Applications> Exploitation Tools> Wireless Exploitation Tools> WLAN Exploitation> Fern-wifi-cracker |

2. Getting update needs internet connection. I recommend you to get the latest update, because in my experience it can’t capture the clients connected to the Access Point (Target) and it works only after getting the update. Restart Fern Wifi Cracker after getting the update.

3. Follow the image below.
a. Select your interface card, mine is wlan0.
b. Scan for access points
c. If access point is found, WEP or WPA button will be enabled. My access point is using WPA, let’s proceed.

4. After clicking WPA button, a window will appear. It shows the detected access points and its details. - Select your target access point
- Select an attack option. In this tutorial, I used WPA...
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