Windshield Survey

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Windshield Survey
Chamberlain College of Nursing
NR 443 Community Health Nursing
November, 2013

Introduction to South Lansing
Lansing is the third largest city in Michigan and is also the state capitol. Lansing, on the whole, is an industrial city with many factories, some of which are now abandoned with the economic recession. South Lansing is a community consisting of a range of blue-collar to low income families. There are many older homes which were constructed in the early 1930’s-1960 at the height of the automotive industry in Lansing. Community Vitality

There is a diverse ethnic population including Hispanic, African-American, Asian, Middle Eastern and White that inhabits the area locals refer to South Lansing. This is comprised of area south of the I- 496 highway to the city limits of Holt, Michigan. For the function of this survey, the main streets surveyed were Cedar Street (as a major street) and Willard Avenue (a residential street). While driving down Cedar Street many people can be observed walking on the sidewalks. There are young mothers carrying children or pushing them in strollers, old men with sagging clothes carrying grocery bags, and high school children walking home from school and talking on their cell phones. Some people ride bikes, most without helmets. This major street has an array of businesses ranging from churches (of every denomination) and schools (both public and private) to grocery and furniture stores. Very few high end vehicles are observed. Most makes and models are American made cars from the last 10 years, some in very poor condition. Indicators of Social and Economic Conditions Driving on Willard Avenue mostly modest single-family homes are noted. There are several apartments advertising one and two bedroom units. Homes are very similar in construction, may be kit homes that were popular in the 1940’s and 1950’s. They are spaced...
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