A Day in the Life of...

Topics: Homelessness, Debut albums, The Streets Pages: 2 (1009 words) Published: November 7, 2010
James Mann, 25, is a homeless person who has been on the streets most of his life. He gives us an account of what occurs on one of his average days… Thump. Thump. Thump. This is what I hear first thing in the morning. At first I'm a bit disorientated seeing as I've just been woken up by someone hitting me in the back. As I get used to my surroundings, I see that I’m positioned in a wide doorway. I also see that it’s a policeman who woke me up. I then realise where I am, sleeping on the streets. It still disgusts me, even though I’ve been on the streets for 6 years. I can still remember my first night on the streets. I had no money to get any lodgings. My mind was playing havoc with the thoughts of how I got there. I got kicked out of the house by my family. I realise now why it happened. I was always causing trouble for them, ever since I was young. Drinking, smoking, stealing, you name it. I suppose they finally got tired of looking after me. It’s always like this, getting woken up by a policeman so I don’t clutter the streets for when the normal people are passing by. The first thing I do is go to a nearby public toilet to relieve my bowels. Then my grumbling stomach pulls me to a nearby shop. I buy a simple breakfast, consisting of a bacon sandwich and some coffee, with the little bit of money left from yesterday. After I finish eating, I just sit there trying to get as much warmth in me as I can for the gruelling day ahead. Just a few minutes later, the man behind the counter starts giving me dirty looks, I get them all the time considering I’m a dirty homeless guy. I guess it’s time for me to leave. As I’m walking out, I see the reflection of a man staring back at me. Mangy black hair, hollow dirt covered face and haunting cobalt blue eyes. I’m completely different to how I was a few years ago. The streets do that to you. As I walk out I think about the first thing I have to do, an interview for a job. If it goes anything like the...
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